Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2016



The most powerful farm management software


Developing healthcare solutions for children with disabilities using 3D scanning and printing.

Biocarbon Engineering

Using drones to plant a billion trees per year to tackle industrial scale deforestation.


Using only solar power to purify water from any source, including sea water.

Elvis & Kresse

Beautiful products made from reclaimed materials.


A breakthrough technology that allows engines to be runs on excess hot water

Growing Underground

Sustainable farms 100ft beneath London in disused WW2 Air Raid Tunnels.

GrowUp Urban Farms

Reducing waste products from agricultural production and making use of previously unused urban brownfield sites.

Recycling Technologies

Making plastic a sustainable material, by recycling technologies.

Riversimple Movement

Car manufacturer of hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles.


Unreasonable Impact Americas 2016


Accio Energy

Superior wind power at half the cost.

Altaeros Energies

Proven technology with flight control innovations to enable cost effective autonomous deployment of tethered airborne platforms.

Bitty Foods

Delicious foods made with high protein cricket flour.


Extremely Accurate Air Pollution Data


20 Million school-aged children reached with solar lighting, $6.1 Billion saved in energy-related expenses.

General Fusion

Developing fusion energy: a clean, safe, abundant and on-demand approach to generating electricity.


Giving all people access to sufficient, secure and affordable energy from waste industrial gases, to stranded methane.

Off Grid Electric

Lighting the homes of over 50,000 people per month.


Gigabot can print objects 30x larger than competing desktop models.


Generating affordable energy systems primarily developed for urban and sub-urban houses and buildings.


Turning trash from the poorest neighborhoods in the world into purpose-filled, recycled fabric.


Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2017


One Earth Designs

Powerful, versatile, easy-to-use and fuel free solar cooking stoves.

Richcore India

Animal origin free (AOF) proteins to make medicines safer and free of contamination risks.


Reducing water footprint and waste by up to 50%, recycle and reuse up to 80% of wastewater for non-potable purposes.


Gathering Recyclable items around Japan from households to foster a circular economy.


Building the world’s largest discovery and sourcing platform in the apparel supply chain for products to be made by a highly-skilled and fairly-paid workforce.

Alesca Life

Create solutions that enable anyone anywhere to grow the safest, healthiest and freshest produce.


Ultra-affordable privately funded satellites to monitor the entire surface of the world — once per day.

Agri Info Design

#1 in the world for GPS tractor operation assistance app since its launch in February 2015


Allowing 30 million small-scale farmers solar-powered irrigation systems to affordably cultivate year round.

Greenlight Planet

Sold solar to over 6 million families in poverty who formerly had no access to electricity.

Bakeys Foods

Helping to avoid 5 million tons of plastic in landfills by a milk-based edible cutlery.

Banyan Nation

Recycled over 500 tons of plastic, changing the way India looks at waste management.


Award-winning biotechnology company enabling manufacturers to ensure their products are safe from harmful chemicals.

Lithium Urban Technologies

India's first 100% electric solution for corporate transport.


Unreasonable Impact Americas 2017



The world's most advanced tankless water heater will provide your family with purer, endless hot water on demand. Controlled right from your phone.

Lucid Energy

Turning millions of miles of gravity-fed water pipelines around the world into generators of clean, environmentally-friendly, renewable energy from inpipe hydropower.

Clara Foods

Creating the world's first animal-free egg white.


Making performance driven and stylish 100% recycled and compostable household products.

Plant Prefab

Affordable and environmentally responsible custom high-quality homes.


Indoor vertical farms that grow flavorful, safe, healthy food in a sustainable and socially responsible way, feeding humanity.

Memphis Meats

Developing a way to produce real meat from animal cells, without the need to feed, breed and slaughter actual animals.


Maritime shipping technology firm leading innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption and emissions for today's global shipping fleet.


Developing, manufacturing and marketing consumer energy products for recreational and emerging market off-grid communities around the world.


Replacing conventional chemical pesticides with high performance plant based products for agriculture, the pest control industry, and consumer use.


Combining advanced biotechnology and carbon recycling tools to manufacture bio-based products that meet the demands of tomorrow.

Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2017



Revolutionising access to low cost energy storage by transforming end of life lithium batteries and reusing them in renewable energy applications.

Green Fuels

The world’s leading supplier of biodiesel processors, producing over 400 million litres of sustainable fuel every year in over 50 countries.

Sure Chill

Disrupting the entire cooling industry with a new technology that does not need a constant power source, enabling refrigeration of food products to life-saving vaccines and more.


Reducing food waste and improving safety with a groundbreaking food expiry label that allows consumers to monitor freshness with a simple touch.

Kelda Technology

Reinventing the shower experience with a patented technology that cuts water use and heating costs in half, saving 180,000 litres of water per shower per year.

Arvia Technology

Transforming the wastewater treatment process with its patented technology, making water safe to reuse or discharge responsibly.


Fighting food waste by making delicious snacks from unwanted or surplus food produce, saving over 100 tonnes of food from going to waste.


Transforming polluted cities into clean air zones by removing over 95% of nitrogen dioxide along with all other pollutants from the air.

Arcola Energy

Delivering cleaner and more efficient energy systems by specialising in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.


Developing biological, living lighting systems to revolutionize the way we produce, consume and illuminate.


Providing mobile power and internet service for the off-grid world.