Americas Programme

New York — October 2018

Unreasonable Impact US

Unreasonable Impact is an innovative multi-year partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group. The initiative represents a first of its kind international accelerator network with programmes in the UK & Europe, Americas, and Asia Pacific.

The second Americas programme will run this October as an intensive two-week accelerator designed to support growth-stage ventures across North America with needed resources, mentorship, and a global network of support. The aim of the Americas programme is to rapidly scale-up select entrepreneurs to create thousands of new jobs while addressing key environmental issues with highly profitable business models. Successive programmes will launch in the UK and Hong Kong in early 2018. The ultimate goal of Unreasonable Impact is to create a global network centered around scaling impact entrepreneurs as job creators worldwide.


Unreasonable Impact is privileged to work with the companies below in the third Americas programme.

Kuli Kuli Foods

Improving nutrition and farmer income through delicious moringa superfood products


Providing grid-scale electricity storage by storing renewable energy as compressed air


Delivering nickel-zinc based energy storage and delivery solutions for mission critical industries

Natel Energy

Enabling climate resilient hydropower while maintaining the health of watershed ecosystems and the communities who surround them


Building the CO2 marketplace via breakthrough carbon capture technology


Providing renewable, reliable, resilient power through Free-Piston Stirling Engine technology


Recycling cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber for the creation of new clothing

Cambrian Innovation

Providing distributed installations to extract resources like clean energy and clean water from wastewater

Zero Mass Water

Making drinking water an unlimited resource with SOURCE, a set of panels that make water from air

Stony Creek Colors

Using bio-based textile dyes to bring sustainability to farmers while empowering fashion brands with transparency

Noble Environmental Technologies

Providing the technology to produce ECOR, an advanced green building material that uniquely enables the circular economy

Vital Vio

Reinventing disinfection to safely and continuously kill germs, mold, and fungi with the flip of a light switch through advanced LED technology

Modumetal, Inc.

Growing cost competitive nanolaminated alloys and parts to replace conventional metals and composites


Building the world’s most advanced machine learning platform for Earth-observing satellite data and geospatial information

Mentors and Specialists

We are forever grateful to the mentors and specialists who participate in the Unreasonable Impact Americas programme.

John Kenny

SpecialGuest // AVP, Citizenship & Reputation at Barclays

Jeff Hoffman

Mentor // Serial Entrepreneur, Experienced CEO, Worldwide Motivational Speaker, Board Advisor, Film and Music Producer

Dan Ariely

Mentor // Co-Founder: Genie, Shapa, Irr-Capital, Irr-Innovations, and BE Works. Advisor: Lemonade, Qapital, and Colu

Puneet Kaur Ahira

Mentor // Co-Founder & Chief Architect, shift7; Former Special Advisor to the U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Kamran Elahian

Mentor // Founder of 10 companies: 3 failed, 4 were acquired, and 3 went public and are valued in billions

Chris Yeh

Mentor // Investor, Writer, Mentor, Serial Entrepreneur and Partner of Wasabi Ventures

Hunter Lovins

Mentor // TIME Magazine Hero & President of Natural Capitalism Solutions

Amy Rosen

Mentor // Entrepreneur, Multi-Sector Executive, Strategy Adviser

Elizabeth Littlefield

Mentor // Senior Counselor, Albright Stonebridge Group

Ted Roosevelt

Mentor // Chair of Barclays Cleantech Initiative

Rob Rouse

Mentor // Managing Director, Head of Americas Equity Research at Barclays

Adam Allamar

Mentor // Head of Digital Acquistition

Mark Zanoli

Mentor // Vice Chairman - Technology Banking

Tom Chi

Mentor // Founder of Prototype Thinking, Lab Director of the Planet, Former Lead at Google X

Mary Lemmer

Specialist // Founder and Improvisor at Improv4

Kate James

Mentor // Former Chief Corporate Affairs and Global Marketing Officer, Pearson

Steven Edelson

Mentor // Financier and Chairman of The Mercantile Companies, Inc.

Alexander Isik

Specialist // Investment Bank Associate

Allison DiClemente

Specialist // Capital Introductions at Barclays

Perris Richter

Specialist // Senior Strategist at fuseproject

Brandon Hurlbut

Mentor // Co-Founder of Boundary Stone Partners

Betty Hudson

Mentor // President, Hudson & Associates; Former Chief Communications Officer at National Geographic

Moses Sutton

Specialist // Vice Presidemt, Equity Research at Barclays

Mark Thain

Specialist // Director, Social Innovation at Barclays

Debbie Phillips

Specialist // Director, Head of Citizenship for UK and Europe at Barclays

Caitlin Manning

SpecialGuest // Assistant Vice President, Citizenship

Deborah Goldfarb

Specialist // Managing Director, Citizenship, Barclays

Scott Garen

Mentor // Filmmaker and Storyteller / Founder of Seven Arrows, Inc.

Kathryn Mckinley

Specialist // Senior Innovation & Product & Portfolio Strategist at fuseproject

Ashok Reddy

Specialist // Partner at Unreasonable Capital

Ziggy Liaquat

Mentor // Global COO at Pearson

Susan Alzner

Mentor // Co-Founder and Director of Strategy and Ops, shift7

Exclusive Forum

The companies will showcase their ventures to a room full of invited guests for the Unreasonable Impact Exclusive Forum in November 2018 at Old Saybrook, Connecticut.